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Enrolling with Kaiser Permanente is easy

You're only a few steps away from getting affordable, quality Medicare health plan coverage. Select the Kaiser Permanente Medicare health plan that is right for you, then use our simple online enrollment process...or, call us to help you get started.

Find the details you’ll need to make an informed decision about your Medicare health plan options, including the latest information on Medicare requirements, Kaiser Permanente Medicare health plans, enrollment dates, and eligibility.

Choose how you would like to enroll: online, by phone with a licensed sales specialist, by personal appointment with a local sales specialist, at a Straight-Talk Seminar, or by mail.

Our online enrollment form is secure and easy to use. The simple, step-by-step process guides you through completing and submitting the form, and provides a confirmation at the end.

Thank you for enrolling. We’re here to help. Once your enrollment is confirmed follow the five easy steps to get you started as a new member.

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To learn more about Kaiser Permanente Medicare health plans and services,

Call 1-877-852-5081
(toll free) (TTY 711)
8 a.m. to 8 p.m.,
7 days a week, to:

Speak to a licensed sales specialist

Schedule a personal appointment with a local sales specialist

RSVP online for a Medicare Straight-Talk Seminar in your neighborhood

Have us call you

KP members turning 65 and over:
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